Vineland United Mennonite Home

Vineland United Mennonite Home

The Request.

The Vineland United Mennonite Home on 23rd Street in Vineland requested assistance with their interlock that had shifted and become unstable for residents to walk on.   Newport came in and removed the existing interlock and created a stable, level and more reliable base and then placed the existing interlock in it’s place creating a new platform that was now safe for residents and their visitors to walk on.

Project Completion.

Although this is a high traffic area our staff was able to bring in equipment quickly and put this project together keeping the residents from being inconvenienced and safe from tripping and falling.   We were able to create a smooth surface that is reliable to walk on for elderly people and that will last for years to come.

Skills Used.

Project Quality: 100%
Employee Experience & Knowledge: 80%
Design: 70%
January 25, 2015