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A 360 degree custom designed solution that embraces the natural aesthetic of Lincoln Ave. Incorporating stone, custom designed lighting solutions, and boutique furniture, our outdoor execution invites you to experience every square foot of this beautiful property.


Modern architecture requires modern custom design. We utilized geometric shape principles to not only compliment the beautiful house in Simpson Ave, but ensure at every angle your eye line could find the waterfront. This custom plan incorporated a custom waterfall with inviting outdoor fireplace, and lighting that guides you to a private waterfront patio 


Udell Way is the perfect example of making limited backyard space feel expansive and rich. With custom design and installation, your team at Newport gave the family at Udell Way a feeling of levels, intimacy and expanse all while ensuring a home-friendly feel was retained. 


Jason’s Pointe is a recent stunning example of strong architectural design made to fit space and aesthetic. With custom interlocking stone around a brand new pool, and overlooking back deck, this private backyard makes spas look out of date. 


Ridge Road oozes everything that is loved about outdoor entertainment areas, along with idyllic features that blend into the natural landscape surrounding the property. Set behind the property with an inground pool, this is a backyard for entertaining, relaxation and pure enjoyment.


Twenty-Third Street is a stunning project for a young and growing family.  Each of the details and features accent the beautiful new custom home with fine blends of stone and plants.   At the rear of the property you find a bubbling rock that provides a serene setting where you can escape the rush of everyday life and focus on relaxing in the subtle sounds of water flowing as though you were completely surrounded by nature.  

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